Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can we expect a future free from passwords and PINs?

by John Hawes

Global authentication working group the FIDO Alliance has released the final draft of version 1.0 of its authentication specifications, which it hopes will reduce or even end our reliance on passwords for online authentication.

FIDO, short for Fast IDentity Online, says its new set of rules for designing interoperable authentication systems should "make authentication simpler and stronger for all".
The group's president Michael Barrett goes even further, describing the 1.0 release as: achievement that will define the point at which the old world order of passwords and PINs started to wither and die.
FIDO was officially formed in 2012 and publicly launched in February 2013, making the speed of progress in agreeing on an initial set of standards fairly impressive given the diverse range of people involved.

FIDO members cover a broad spectrum, from financial firms such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Bank of America, to tech players including Google, Microsoft, ARM, Lenovo and.....

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