Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Multiple Products' Retirement Details

We are retiring the following products on June 25, 2014:
  • InstantPage®
  • SmartSpace®
  • Quick Blogcast®
  • For Sales & Starter Pages
  • Website Protection Site Scanner (more info below)
Because this may impact your business, we wanted to let you know about our schedule to complete these tasks.

Retirement Details:
March 14, 2014 — The products we're retiring are no longer available for sale on our storefront.

April 16, 2014 — We will start emailing all customers with products impacted by this retirement, letting them know that in 60 days the products will no longer be available in their accounts as of June 25, 2014. All customers will receive the notice. This email will also include suggested alternatives to the products we're retiring.*

June, 2014 — We will email customers two final notices approximately two weeks and one week before June 25 reminding them about the pending removal of their accounts.*

June 25, 2014 — Customers will no longer have access to their accounts or credits for the products we're retiring.*

*These notices will not be sent to customers with active Website Protection accounts. The only Website Protection accounts that will receive these notices are those with unused free credits, which we offered with Unlimited Hosting accounts and SSLs. We are not removing any active Website Protection accounts at this time.

Website Protection Details
How we're handling Website Protection Site Scanner's retirement differs from the other products.
  • Website Protection Site Scanner will be replaced by a new product called SiteLock (already offered since mid-March). SiteLock offers great features customers have been requesting from Website Protection Site Scanner, including the ability to remove malware from infected sites. We'll have more details about that product when we get closer to its release date.
  • We are not removing any active Website Protection accounts. However, we are removing unused free Website Protection credits on June 25.

Refund Details
Effective immediately, we will issue In-Store Credit refunds to customers with paid Quick Blogcast and SmartSpace accounts for any time remaining on their accounts.